Building a like and comment react component - Part 1 blog post's hero image

Building a like and comment react component - Part 1

26 June, 2023

Hey there, folks!

In line with my personal pledge to utilize my tech skills for purposeful endeavors, I've embarked on an exciting new project. The objective? Construct a like and comment system for the recently developed NextJS blog. It should be a react component that speaks with firebase firestore to store data.

While crafting such a component may seem like child's play, the intriguing aspect of this venture lies in publishing it on NPM. The creation of a React component installable via NPM is the uncharted territory I'm keen to explore here. Given the myriad of React-based NPM packages, I'm optimistic that with a little internet assistance, I'll be able to wrap this up and gain new insights along the way.

Here's the blueprint I'll be following (fingers crossed it doesn't find its way into the bin 😬):

  1. Conduct a Proof of Concept (POC) on publishing React components with styles, props, and the ability to pass custom React components for rendering.
  2. Architect the component's API, including all props and events.
  3. Draft the default component's UI design.
  4. Develop the actual component and test it.
  5. Document the component's use and functionality.
  6. Publish the component and weave it seamlessly into my blog.

With a game plan to dedicate a few hours each day to this project, let's see how the journey unfolds.